Convertible Coffee Tables: Everything You Need to Know

What are coffee tables that can be converted? They are cocktail tables converting, transforming or shifting into a specific shape.

They are summarizing a small selection. In other words, adjustable coffee tables, flip-top, expandable and lift-top.

From these tables, the benefits you receive depend on which one you choose. Generally speaking, convertible cocktail tables are a favorite among small households because of their ability to reduce their size to a compact size and expand to double the size. Usually they are dual-purpose or multi-functional, meaning they combine two or more functions into one.

The Various Convertible Coffee Tables Types.

Adjustable Height

These are a combination of cocktail tables and dining tables. They work for small homes such as studio apartments, lofts and sleeping accommodations that need both a coffee table and a dining table but only one. They adjust to the height of the dining table— often giving you free reign over the height you want the cocktail table to adjust. There are also several on the market, which means that they not only adjust in height but also that the table top doubles in size so that you can sit at the table between 4-8 guests.


These are basic cocktail tables with an extra advantage-if your needs require it, they offer you the ability to work on a larger surface. Generally, it is relatively simple to build flip-tops. It has folding flaps or leaves, giving you the flexibility to reduce or expand the table top size. These are the preferred choice when there is a temporary need for a larger work surface.


With the exception of how they extend, these are very similar to flip-tops. These types of tables generally slide from one side or the other, increasing the size of the body and top.


These are a combination of cocktail tables and desks. They are also perfect for small spaces as they allow you to lift the top of the cocktail table and use it as a writing surface to perform small writing tasks or use it for computing tasks by placing your laptop on it.

The one thing to remember is to make sure that whatever lift-top you are interested in lifts up to the height of your needs. This may require you to write to the retailer to find out how high the table top is going to rise as many do not mention the height raised in product descriptions.

Which one to choose?

In the end, it’s up to you to choose the right convertible coffee table to find out which needs are prominent in your household.

You need to ask yourself several questions to discover your needs?

Need one that takes care of temporary needs or something more permanent? Temporary requirements are often simpler. Generally, if you need a coffee table to serve, you may need to use an expandable or flip-top cocktail table to satisfy your wishes, such as the need for a large work surface.

Permanent needs are a bit more complicated and require you to use more frequently a piece of furniture to serve more than one need. In this case it might be best to have a height-adjustable lift-top coffee table.

Whatever the case, it’s a simple task to choose the best one once you understand what each of you is doing, what your needs are, and what tasks you need to perform.

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