How To Buy a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often the center of a living area and thus have a tremendous impact on the decor and atmosphere of a room. A wise choice can create a sense of style and harmony while a poor choice can make a room look disturbed and overwhelm the other furniture, making the room look smaller and less unified.

Therefore, the choices you make about the coffee table’s size, shape, cost, material and style are vital to making your living room a welcoming space and setting the tone you want for your home.

Therefore you should work out what you want from it before you start your search for the perfect coffee table. Do you want it to be purely ornamental— to create a state-of – the-art and stylish statement, or are you more interested in its functions— do you plan to eat it, put drinks on it, store magazines in it, or use it as a showroom?

You must also consider the cost of any piece you are planning to buy. Setting a maximum budget is often a good idea before you start your search. This should prevent you from even considering shopping which you may regret later. You can buy coffee tables as cheap as twenty dollars, but they can cost in the thousands as well. It’s a good idea to get an idea of your budget so you don’t fall in love with a table that’s far from reaching you.

What size of coffee table do you need?

Coffee tables, like living areas, come in thousands of different shapes and sizes. You need to find the size and shape that best suits your room when making your purchase while still looking and working as you require.

Some people consider a coffee table’s appearance to be their number one priority and may prefer a very large coffee table for maximum visual impact. Others prefer the amount of floor space available for other uses to be maximized.

It is preferable to have at least two feet around each side of the coffee table as a general guideline and it should be reachable from each of the seating areas without standing.Some people also suggest that the length of your sofas should not exceed 60% of your coffee table.

The height you choose a lot depends on what you plan to use it for. Modern coffee tables are often very low, but this can make it difficult to eat.

Often, placing an item of a similar size and shape on any table you intend to buy in the room is a good idea. This will give you a sense of how the space you have will work with.

What Shape of The Coffee Table Suit Your Room’s Style?

Rectangular coffee tables are currently the most popular form on the market and come in a variety of heights and shapes. They can be used in small or large rooms and can often have a big impact in a large room that requires a very large coffee table to be accessible from all the furniture.

Similarly, square coffee tables are excellent in larger rooms, although, unless carefully chosen, they can overpower smaller spaces. If you buy a square coffee table, be sure to mark the area of the floor that will be covered to make sure the room won’t be overwhelmed.

A round coffee table is preferred by many people with small children as they consider the lack of sharp corners a safer option and less likely to cause accidents. It can be difficult to fit round tables into smaller rooms and can take up more space on the floor than other forms. However, they can be very social, and if you regularly sit around playing cards or board games, they are a good choice.

Whether you prefer a coffee table with legs or one that is solid to floor level should also be considered. Elevated coffee tables that allow a clear view under the table can help create a sense of space; however, solid coffee tables can often look more expensive and substantial.

What Materials to Choose?

For small rooms, a glass coffee table can be an excellent choice as it helps make the room feel more spacious and airy. They can also give a room that might otherwise look dated a very modern feeling. Caution should be used where the room is likely to be used by small children. Even though glass tables are made of toughened glass, breaking one is not impossible. First of all, safety should always come.

Wooden coffee tables are a timeless and beautiful choice and they can actually improve with age as opposed to many materials. In a couple of years, an oak coffee table will look as good as it does now, as long as it is cared for properly. It is possible to make coffee tables from a range of woods, from pine to walnut.

Modern furniture is often built from MDF (medium density fiberboard) that is strong and easy to maintain while being able to be manipulated in almost any shape. However, the beauty of real wood is that it can be repaired and restored while MDF can not be repaired.

At Last, What Functions Must Your Coffee Table Fulfill?

Coffee tables serve a wide range of uses. While some are only used to display ornaments, the family dining table has been replaced in many homes. What functions should your table fulfill when you select it should be one of the key considerations. You have to decide if you need storage and if so if you want the items that you store to be on public display or hidden from view. Lift top coffee tables sound like a good idea, but if you want to keep the surface clear, they are only really useful. Otherwise you have to clear the top of the table first whenever you need to remove or replace an item. It can often be more convenient to choose a coffee table with a drawer or shelf.

A coffee table is going to be a key buy for your living space. It is worth investing time and energy in choosing a table that will satisfy both your esthetic and functional needs and that you will use and love for many years to come.

Convertible Coffee Tables: Everything You Need to Know

What are coffee tables that can be converted? They are cocktail tables converting, transforming or shifting into a specific shape.

They are summarizing a small selection. In other words, adjustable coffee tables, flip-top, expandable and lift-top.

From these tables, the benefits you receive depend on which one you choose. Generally speaking, convertible cocktail tables are a favorite among small households because of their ability to reduce their size to a compact size and expand to double the size. Usually they are dual-purpose or multi-functional, meaning they combine two or more functions into one.

The Various Convertible Coffee Tables Types.

Adjustable Height

These are a combination of cocktail tables and dining tables. They work for small homes such as studio apartments, lofts and sleeping accommodations that need both a coffee table and a dining table but only one. They adjust to the height of the dining table— often giving you free reign over the height you want the cocktail table to adjust. There are also several on the market, which means that they not only adjust in height but also that the table top doubles in size so that you can sit at the table between 4-8 guests.


These are basic cocktail tables with an extra advantage-if your needs require it, they offer you the ability to work on a larger surface. Generally, it is relatively simple to build flip-tops. It has folding flaps or leaves, giving you the flexibility to reduce or expand the table top size. These are the preferred choice when there is a temporary need for a larger work surface.


With the exception of how they extend, these are very similar to flip-tops. These types of tables generally slide from one side or the other, increasing the size of the body and top.


These are a combination of cocktail tables and desks. They are also perfect for small spaces as they allow you to lift the top of the cocktail table and use it as a writing surface to perform small writing tasks or use it for computing tasks by placing your laptop on it.

The one thing to remember is to make sure that whatever lift-top you are interested in lifts up to the height of your needs. This may require you to write to the retailer to find out how high the table top is going to rise as many do not mention the height raised in product descriptions.

Which one to choose?

In the end, it’s up to you to choose the right convertible coffee table to find out which needs are prominent in your household.

You need to ask yourself several questions to discover your needs?

Need one that takes care of temporary needs or something more permanent? Temporary requirements are often simpler. Generally, if you need a coffee table to serve, you may need to use an expandable or flip-top cocktail table to satisfy your wishes, such as the need for a large work surface.

Permanent needs are a bit more complicated and require you to use more frequently a piece of furniture to serve more than one need. In this case it might be best to have a height-adjustable lift-top coffee table.

Whatever the case, it’s a simple task to choose the best one once you understand what each of you is doing, what your needs are, and what tasks you need to perform.

Choosing Coffee Tables and End Tables

When they start furnishing their homes, choosing coffee tables and end tables is not a priority for most people, and even more mature homeowners often see these as extras that require little thought. Whether you’re furnishing your first home or consider renewing the old and wilting furniture you’ve been using for more years than you can take into consideration, here are some suggestions that could help you.

First of all, why do you need coffee tables and tables-or one of them? Many simply use them for shows, and seldom for coffee. Others only use them when they have guests while others use them for their primary intended use in the course of a normal day.

In some cases, such tables can be purchased to match your existing furniture, or if your living room furniture is completely renovated, they can be included in a collection. Your choice is simple in the latter case, but what if not? What if you’re looking for a coffee table or end table that isn’t part of a set, but you feel you need one or both to complete your living room? Here’s a few tips.

Occasional Table Dimensions.

It is open to discussion, which is the most important: the appearance and feeling of your occasional tables or their dimensions. If you find a superb coffee table that fits your furniture perfectly, perhaps dimensions are irrelevant. Perhaps this beautiful end table is perfect for your sofa or armchairs. Forget about their sizes-look great so let’s buy them!

Is this the case? First you have to consider the purpose of these occasional tables, because that’s what they are generally known as-occasional tables-tables that are sometimes used, or at least that’s an explanation for their name. What if the end table is well below your armchair’s height? Would you like to stretch down to get a glass or a cup?

To make it easy for people sitting in an armchair to reach their drinks, nibbles or books and newspapers without having to bend over their chair side to do so, an end table is intended. It should be set at a comfortable height, the same with a coffee table. The dimensions of your coffee and end tables should therefore be your first priority.

Ideally a coffee table should be just above the height of the knee. Your tables at the end should be level with the chair or sofa arm. This will allow you to each side with very little effort to pick up a drink. Too high or too low, and even dropping your cup or glass is easier to spill.

Placement of coffee tables and end tables.

The end table should be placed next to the chair’s arm. Not in direct contact, as any subsequent movement of the chair could easily shake the table and spill any container’s contents. Coffee tables should be placed 18 “from the sofa, enough space to allow you to walk between the two items of furniture, but not so far as to place your cup out of each..

Some have been known to use these tables as accent pieces, and to place them away from the proximity of sofas and chairs. Quite frankly, as these tables were designed for a specific purpose, there is little point in doing this. If you want accent tables, you can choose from online tables that look more like a piece of accent than regular coffee and end tables.

The Room Decor matches.

Coffee tables and end tables should punctuate and not clash with your general room decor. If, however, you have reason not to match them, then there is no strict rule on this. However, if your occasional tables match your general living room furniture, your room decoration will look more harmonious.

Coffee tables and end tables should also fulfill the desired purpose. This will simply be in some cases as a repository for a coffee cup or drinks glass. It could mean holding countless magazines or books of’ coffee table’ for others. Whatever your purpose, your occasional tables should meet your needs and match the rest of the room’s furniture-or by design contrast.

Modern Coffee Table vs. Cocktail Table

The coffee table’s actual function hasn’t really changed that much since it was created. Coffee tables were actually imported from the West and used for drinking tea or coffee outside as garden tables for the first time. Then the coffee table moved indoors began to serve as a rather low piece of furniture could be used to entertain guests or just read the newspaper with a nice cup of coffee comfortably resting on a coaster.

Today, as this very traditional and omnipresent piece of furniture has always been the case, the classic but modern coffee table is a place where friends and family gather. Modern coffee tables, however, are still needed, but not in the morning, as has traditionally been the case in past generations. Typically, mornings are reserved to either catch up on much-needed sleep or just get ready to start the day. The formality of sitting in front of the sofa and drinking coffee when there is hardly time to make a cup to go is precious little need.

But evenings are another story, and that is when a cocktail table can be better known as the modern coffee table. Like any traditional coffee table, a cocktail table is set low to the ground and placed in front of a sofa or seating area in general. Some cocktail tables, however, feature removable benches and other features that are compatible with game tables.

The difference is subtle, but a cocktail table is not specifically designed for any kind of gaming and tends to be somewhat more formal. Game tables often have features such as built-in boards or places designed specifically for holding pieces of chess and similar objects.

Nevertheless, some online shoppers often overlook modern coffee tables that think they’re shopping for a cocktail table because they don’t drink coffee. By expanding their shopping search to include modern artistic coffee tables, however, a person would have a larger selection of contemporary but artistic tables that could perfectly complement any home decor.

So, if you’re shopping for a cocktail table because you want a small piece of furniture around the sofa where you can entertain guests at night— try to expand your keyword search to include quality modern coffee tables— you’re going to improve your selection and save money in many cases! A coffee table may be a traditional piece of furniture, but it was adapted to the needs and tastes of contemporary design. Quality-made and modern artistic coffee tables can be used as a cocktail table in the saving capacity while saving money and giving you more choices.

Why Do You Need A Lift Top Coffee Table?

In the average home, coffee tables are quite standard. Most likely, in the living room there is one and you may even have another in the family room or the home theater. They are an essential part of your grouping strategies, not only offering a convenient place for setting distances, food and drinks, but also adding balance to a room.

If you ever walked into a room without a coffee table, you probably felt like something was missing. That’s because all the upholstered furnishings are counterbalanced by these tables. Set lower and usually made of wood, stone, glass, wicker or metal, the coffee table provides visual contrast to the room, providing a much-needed pace change in terms of impact and interest.

While some homeowners may find it a no-brainer, this table is essential. But not everyone is created equal. Some of the latest table design concepts are top lift tables. These tables have a nice little trick up their sleeve, enabling them not only to add beauty to a room, but also convenience and maybe just a little extra flexibility.

One of the nice things about lift top coffee tables is that their fixed top counterparts don’t look much different. The real magic lies below. Like a snappy race car, under the hood, or in this case, the top, is the real power. The top can either slide or lift off the way brilliantly engineered.

Why would you like your home to have top coffee tables lift? Two reasons: comfort and storage.

Let’s look first at the problem of storage. As any family knows, the living room, home theater or family room can collect a lot of stuff over time. This includes toys that are often used, favorite books and magazines, blankets and throws, films, remotes, etc. The list continues and continues.

While you might possibly have a coffee table with cabinets below, getting to them can be a bit of a pain, as the sofa can often block the door, or you just have to work your way down in that gap between the sofa and the table to find something simple, like a rarely used VCR remote.

You don’t have to be a contortionist with lift top coffee tables. Rather, you can just lift the top up and find what you’re looking for. Best of all, you don’t even have to remove what’s on top of the table. This convenience will be appreciated by anyone who has tried to adapt a hope chest or steamer trunk as a coffee table. Who didn’t have to pull the lid off to get a comforter or a favorite pillow?

While for storage purposes the sliding or lift top is nice, lifting top coffee tables can also make dinner or homework much more pleasant. You can get a coffee table with a large top that lifts up and out, creating a nice table perfect for eating while watching TV, depending on the model you choose. The table comes to you, lifting up and down to the sofa, rather than leaning over the table top of a traditional coffee table. This not only makes meal time a real pleasure in front of the TV, but it can also be used by your children to do their homework and school projects so they don’t have to feel sequestered in their bedroom. If you have an open plan, while working in the kitchen, your kids can do their homework or spend some time at the table catching up with their own TV shows. For families who have a lot of hobbies or projects but still want some face time, lift top coffee tables can be a real problem solver.

Acrylic Coffee Table Ideas

Acrylic furniture has a strong impact in any given room as it preserves that light, transparent and airy feel and look that transforms a room that is otherwise boring into beauty. Such items as acrylic coffee tables make great additions to small indoor spaces as they perfectly serve the small crowded rooms without overdone them. The tables serve as functional but decorative items. You’ll love how your rug or carpet’s beauty is enhanced.

The size and shape of your acrylic coffee tables should match your interior design and available space. Here are some great ideas with your acrylic coffee tables that you can try to create an elegant space.

Square tables – Square has been the perfect shape for ages and for your room you can easily find square acrylic coffee tables. Leave room around the table to keep accidents at bay if you go for this table style. For this modern-looking table, you can buy a glass top for additional table glamor or choose L-shaped legs or mix glass or metal with acrylic.

Long tables – These acrylic coffee tables are designed to be narrower, take less space and preserve elegance. When it comes to long tables, you can play around with the shapes in that you can have emerald-shaped diamond design or any other shape that adds to your space elegance and class. For areas you want to keep simple and less crowded, the long tables are great.

Bent tables – This is one of today’s most popular acrylic coffee table types. The style features soft curved edges, making it safer, particularly for families with children. The bent design gives a sensation to your table. You can go for a peekaboo design and choose how far your table should be bent depending on the design that most appeals to you or best serves your home needs.

Tables of dual purpose – As the name suggests, the style of the table gives you additional use. For example, it can be shaped and designed like a truck so that on one piece you have a table and a trunk function. For a glamorous look, you can store books or shiny decorative items inside the trunk. You can also choose to have one with an aquarium presentation as the base area that makes your table come alive with amazing marine life design and colors. It does not have real fish, of course, but you can select aquatic plants that you want to include.

Depending on the size, design and additional materials and highlights you make, clear acrylic coffee tables can transform your room. Consider having a unique one custom designed and made just for you as well as buying ready-made tables. Acrylic is a material that is easy to work with, so there is virtually no design or shape that it is impossible to achieve. Try to be as unique as you can be and enjoy your coffee table with acrylic.

Make your decisions about the space available and the use of the table when looking for acrylic coffee tables. Depending on the style you select, you can have a table that serves multiple functions.

How to Take Care of Your Glass Coffee Table

If you’re one of the many people who love glass coffee tables, you’ve probably got at least one of them in your home. There’s something about tables for glass coffee. It may be the glass’s sleek look or blindness as light hits it either from a lamp or from the sun peeking into the room. When you bring them home, they’re almost transfixing.

Those glass coffee tables will be a little less beautiful over time than they are at the moment. It’s going to happen. Time is magic on them and they will soon not be as shimmering as they used to be. You can stop doing some of this.

The first thing you need to do is know how to handle your coffee tables properly. There are only a few real threats, most of which involve scratching or breaking.

Unlike wood coffee tables, glass coffee tables will allow you to do many things without damage. Sprinkle some food or drink? There’s no problem. It’s going to wipe up. But you need to understand what damage can be done with that said.

You should take steps to protect the table when you put hard objects on your glass coffee tables. It’s not going to be a problem just setting a lamp on the table, but most people are never happy where a lamp is sitting. They’re going to move it around the tabletop back and forth and all that movement can lead to scratches on the table. Instead, between the hard lamp base and your glass tables, you should put felt or some other cloth barrier.

Be careful what you use when cleaning your glass coffee tables to clean them. Many cleaners are abrasive and your tables will actually be damaged. In addition, make sure you do not use an abrasive scrubbing item in your attempts to clean the surface when using a mild and non-abrasive cleaner.

If you’re wondering what you can do to clean it up, you can create one on your own. To clean the table, add a few tablespoons of ammonia to a quarter of water. Then use a towel of cloth or paper towels to dry the solution for cleaning. The only thing to keep in mind is that when using these cleaning solutions, if your glass coffee tables have some wood frame, you should be careful not to get it on the wood. Some chemicals can damage wood in glass cleaning solutions.

The final item to keep in mind is to make breaking your glass coffee tables less tempting for someone. Make sure the tables are made of glass are obvious. If you have too many things on the tabletop, people may not realize that there is glass underneath and may be rougher than your table top should be. To break them, it doesn’t take too much force.

Creating Your Own Glass Coffee Table

Are you the type of artist? If so, you may want to represent your artistic side as well as the rooms in your home. A great way to do this is in the living room with a glass coffee table. Think of what’s better than art and coffee together? There are plenty of artistic designs and creations in a coffee house. Indeed, many coffee houses around this connection create their entire environment. In addition, many artists are spending their time in inspiring coffee houses. If in the regular world these two things are connected, why not connect these two things in your home? They can do it now.

You will start with a glass coffee table for this project. When we say a coffee table with glass, we mean one that is made of glass to top. It is possible to make the rest of the table from any material. When adding an artistic touch to a glass coffee table, there are a few options. Finding a glass coffee table with a secondary level below is the first option. What this means is a box of the same size as the table type just below it. You can take off the glass, put down any artistic creations you can think of putting the glass back down in this box. It’s almost like combining a shadow box with a coffee table with a glass.

Another option is to buy and get to work glass paints. You could think of the glass as a canvas and leave it completely decorated, depending on how you choose to paint. Another option is to make this surface look almost like stained glass using a very light paint coating.

If you are not sure which option to decorate your glass coffee tables you would like to choose, it may be time to take a trip to your local craft store and see what they are available. You can find a number of ways to decorate your home’s glass coffee table to make it more a representation of you than just the place to set the coffee.

However, there are few things to think about before you start this project. One is you’re going to put coffee on this table. It’s hot coffee. That means you have to make sure that what you do can withstand the impact of a hot cup of coffee or that you take some kind of steps to protect the surface of the table. This could be as simple as making sure that a hot cup is put on by saucers or coasters. Another thing to consider is whether or not you can damage your artwork. The best way to handle this is to ensure that the artwork is on the glass’s underside. Thus, people on the surface pushing things around, like coffee cups, will in no way hurt your art.

Coffee Table Varieties

A coffee table, also known as a cocktail table, is basically a specific low long table style, normally heightened with the rest of the sitting arrangements. It is normally kept in front of the sofa or lounge couches and is usually used to support beverage-containing utensils; thus the name is defined. The coffee table also contains books and magazines, mostly coffee table books and other small items that could be used over a cup of coffee such as coasters.

Coffee tables are regarded as an important piece of furniture used in the living room or living room. While traditional coffee tables tend to be short and rectangular in size, new designs and styles are emerging along with enhanced useful functional features that can now be used in the styles of home decoration. They are available in different styles and prices, depending on the user’s choice.

During the Victorian era, the first coffee tables, designed and called by this name, developed in Europe, most likely in Britain. The tables used in addition to the settle before the 18th century are the occasional tables, end tables, tea tables and center tables. By the year 1780, low-height sofas replaced the high-back settles and thus came the need for a lower table. And this led to the sofa tables being developed, which were placed near the sofa to be used to place the cup or books down.

It is also said that in 1868 E.W.Godwin designed a table and William Watt made it in large numbers, and it was the initial coffee table, although it was very low in height. Also, the Ottoman Empire first introduced this idea that this furniture will be designed as low tables, based on the fact that garden tea tables were of the same pattern as well. It should also be noted that during the late 19th century Anglo-Japanese style was quite popular in Britain, and this might have played a factor as well. Due to revivalism, it began to become popular during the late 19th century. So, it’s pretty easy to find coffee tables in Georgian or Louis XVI style, but not before them.

This furniture in the living room comes in various styles, sizes and price ranges. For the two ends of the sofas or so, most manufacturers offer coffee tables. Most coffee tables are designed to go with all kinds of styles of home decoration, but some can be categorized into modern or traditional groups. They can be made from various material types, including wood, steel, glass, or hard plastic.

While the coffee table’s main purpose is to have an area where things can be placed while relaxing on the sofa, it is also decorated for storage purposes with shelves or drawers. Some manufacturers offer tables with the height-adjustment feature that also allow it to be used for other purposes. To make it an integral part of your living room furniture, select a decent coffee table.

Adjustable Height Coffee Tables

A coffee table with adjustable height is a combo of a coffee table and a dining table. Who wants a table that can be adjusted? Of course, small home goers.

They are the perfect solution for anyone living in a small place that is not able to afford the room for both a cocktail table and a dining table but has enough room for one or the other.

They serve your dining and entertainment needs temporarily. During mealtime, the table can be converted from a coffee to a dining table and during other times of the day back to a cocktail table.

You will find that only a few of these tables are accompanied by chairs, so you often have to buy your own set of chairs separately. Buying folding chairs is a good idea. So when they’re not in use, they can be stored away and pulled back when you need them again.

So what kind of customizable cocktail tables are there? There are several types of tables you can go for. A common type of convertible coffee tables are round and rectangular tables.

If you are interested in getting a cocktail table that looks as much as possible like a regular dining table, it would be your best bet to buy a round table. But if you prefer a relatively discreet and unobvious coffee table, you’ll probably prefer a rectangular-shaped coffee table.

There are several other features that you will encounter with glass tops and X-shaped bases. Some offer a hydraulic lift with seating in the ottoman style.

You will also find one or two wooden veneered versions, but most of them will be contemporary tables with simple lines and a clean look and feel.

True, many of these tables can be adjusted to different heights. Some come with predefined height limitations, however, which means you can only adjust them to 3 heights. Such limitations will allow you to have more height-adjustable options. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the heights permitted for each table as this is going to be important to you.

Apart from that, not only do many of these tables adjust in height, they also extend. So if you want to serve a relatively big party in your small home, it’s a good idea to look for a height-adjustable coffee table with an extendable table top as well.

What are the various uses of height adjustable coffee tables? Well, these tables ‘ uses are relatively apparent. They’re great for dining and snack when you’re camping in front of the TV during the movie time. A less obvious use, however, is that they can be used as desks as well.

On them you can perform your tasks of computing and writing. This purpose is easily achieved as many of them enable you to adjust them to the height of your level of comfort.

The advantages of a height adjustable coffee table are relatively self-explaining. They’re invaluable for a small home. They are flexibility that makes them essential. They are capable of catering for a large party by extending the size of their original dimensions to full or double and yet reducing them to a compact size makes them a wonderful room, large or small, not – to-do option.